Job boards  ≠ Access to Talent

We spent the last 16 years building a network of high caliber SAP professionals, one at a time, so you can evaluate the best candidates for your openings rather than those who happen to be on job boards.

As a result, working with us automatically includes:

  • Access to over 20,000 high caliber SAP professionals for temporary or permanent positions who are rarely on any job boards
  • Access to the large pool of consultants who go from project to project without the need to advertise their availability
  • Access also means that SAP professionals with high demand skills return our calls because we are a long-standing and trusted member of the SAP community
  • Thoroughly vetted candidates selected for their technical, professional and communication skills

No Shortcuts

To be sure, we are not using any shortcuts. We’ve built this network one SAP professional at a time and our service is based on 16 years of SAP focus, constant innovation and hard work.

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Direct-Hire SAP Employees

The people you want to hire are very likely working somewhere else

We do cover the job boards but over 70% of our job requirements are filled with passive candidates.

We can do this because we have:

  • An exclusive network of SAP professionals
  • Recruiters with deep SAP knowledge and seniority
  • Recruiters experience enough to have a detailed conversation with potential candidates

Recruiting this way takes time but is worth if for our clients. And let’s face it; no one will leave their current position based on a conversation with a junior recruiter who recites keywords from a job description.

SAP Consultants

The success or failure of your SAP projects depends directly on the experience of the people who configure and implement it. Are you really seeing the best candidates?

The Challenge:

  • The market for experienced SAP professionals is extremely competitive. Every day there are thousands of SAP openings across the country and SAP professionals are inundated with calls from recruiters. Most of those calls go unanswered.
  • Experienced SAP professionals first go through their networks to find their next assignment.
  • They avoid recruiters who don’t know anything about SAP beyond key words.

**Job Boards are the least reliable source of qualified SAP professionals.**

The Solution:

  • Over the last 15 years we have built a network of over 20,000 experienced SAP professionals who will return our calls.
  • Our clients evaluate the best candidates for their openings rather than candidates on job boards.
  • Due to our fee structure you can engage them for rates you didn’t think were possible.

SAP Executive Search

Our close-knit network of executive level professionals ensures a thorough yet discrete search. Call us for a private consultation, (818) 518-9482.

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