Our Guarantee: Credible Candidates Only

You won’t hire every person we submit but you will never feel that we wasted your time with a candidate.

The Credible Candidate Checklist:

A red flag in any single of the following categories disqualifies the candidate. All candidates are submitted with a detailed write-up, outlining why we think this candidate is a good fit for the position.

  • SAP knowledge: Our SAP specialists conduct technical/functional interviews to assess the candidate’s SAP skills
  • Network cross-check: We use our extensive network of SAP professionals to verify the candidate’s work history. We can typically find at least one or two references to ask about projects we see on the candidates’ resume.
  • Professionalism: Is the candidate a good fit for the client environment?  We evaluate communication skills, leadership/people skills, team skills, polish and ethics.
  • Motivation:  How plausible is the candidate’s explanation for wanting a new job. Is the candidate running toward a new position or running away from an old position?
  • Compensation: Seems straight forward but requires a lot of time and attention so there are no surprises later in the process. How the candidate handles this topic is also very revealing and is part of the evaluation.
  • Follow-through/ Seriousness: Especially important for passive candidates.  Have they mentally made the decision to move on? If this person is to receive an offer, will (s)he accept? We need to weed out the “window shoppers” who are testing the market but have no intention of changing jobs and those who will use an offer to get a raise from their current employers.
  • Practical matters: How is the new commute, did they discuss this with their spouse, would they need to sell a house, etc.  basically, anything that could derail the process at the very end is addressed and evaluated.
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