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What to Expect

  • Once we identify an opportunity that makes sense for you and after receiving your go-ahead, we will expertly market your individual SAP skill-set and experience to the employer.
  • We will provide guidance throughout the entire hiring process including the negotiation of your salary and relocation package.
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • All services are 100% free of charge to you.

Clean-Up and Organize

Clean-Up and Organize

We’ll use Solution Manager functionality to clean-up and organize your:

SAP System Documentation

  • Configuration
  • Custom Coding
  • License check and clean up


  • Map interface architecture
  • Inventory
  • Consolidate
  • Optimize

Custom Codes

  • Inventory
  • Consolidate
  • Optimize


  • Define strategy
  • Define retention policy
  • Set Up medium

Our delivery of these services is as always very lean with a few highly specialized SAP professionals while maximizing the involvement your internal resources.

Integration Architecture and Optimization

Integration Architecture and Optimization

Interface and Integration Architecture Optimization

  • Sizing and Landscape Issues
  • Internal and External Staffing requirements
  • Budget and time guidelines
  • Successful design and coding guidelines
  • Successful go-live operations

Legacy Decommissioning and Interface Consolidation

  • Comparing and contrasting different EAI technologies based on business need
  • ROI and cost justification numbers from our experience with other customers
  • How everything fits together (R/3, BW, MDM, APO, Solution Manager, NWDI)
  • Save legacy costs by standardizing with SAP

Interface monitoring/Production Support

  • Performance Tuning / Alerting / Stability Issues
  • Maintenance and Long Term Support
  • Frees up current developers to work on new projects

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Leverage a more robust and flexible alternative by implementing our cloud DR solution.  In most cases less costly than your current DR Vendor solution it can also be used for High Availability scenarios and will meet present needs and future growth.

24/7 Basis Support

24/7 Basis Support

Transition from In-House staffing to an Application Management Services (AMS) model. The AMS model is built on providing support services based on sustainable service level agreements.  Based on the needs of the SAP systems to be supported and your company’s maturity model, each area will be staffed with the appropriate qualified specialist.

Transition to the Cloud

Transition to the Cloud

Benefit from newer, faster, and more flexible transformational technology and convert to an operational expense budget model.  Similar to the utility expense ramp up or down based on business requirements.

Transition to HANA

Transition to HANA

We will simplify and smoothen the transition to SAP HANA. Utilizing our tools will greatly reduce the time, identify all prerequisites, and lay out a plan for success. Considerations such as on-premises or cloud will be thoroughly vetted to ensure reduced time and effort.

Solution Manager

Solution Manager

Build and Run SAP like a Factory 

Solution Manager was designed and enhanced by SAP to allow you to get the optimal benefit from your SAP investment.  ITSM, ChaRM, DVM, Scope and Effort analyzer, Test Management, Business Process Operations and RCA are some of the applications which can deliver immediate benefit to you operation, reduce costs and help you sleep at night.

SAP Training – Speeding Up the Learning Curve

SAP Training- Speeding Up the Learning Curve

This is really where the rubber meets the road since the best set-up won’t work if people are not using the system correctly. Training is probably the most direct way to increase productivity and morale.

Our training is based on your specific SAP set-up rather than generic classroom training classes that have shown to be ineffective and frustrating.

Our SAP training professionals and instructional designers are also up to speed with the newest SAP specific training technologies and methodologies and will to use them to your advantage.

People – Optimizing your SAP system one person at a time

No Shortcuts. Our service is based on 15 years of SAP focus, constant innovation and hard work.

All our services are focused on optimizing SAP for our clients and one of the most effective and lasting ways to optimize your system is to hire the right people to use and configure it. Over the last 15 years we have built a network of over 20,000 unique relationships of experienced SAP professionals.  We can access this network to fill any of your temporary or permanent resource needs in the US and globally.


Companies like Google and Facebook have revolutionized recruiting and we incorporate those lessons into how we do our work. Our approach is not just to work on specific positions but to establish and maintain an SAP talent organization for you according to your specific needs so any current and future requirements can be addressed immediately.


We have established relationships and direct access to thousands of SAP consultants who are rarely on any job boards and due to our fee structure you can engage them for rates you didn’t think were possible.

Executive Search

Our close-knit network of executive level professionals ensures a thorough yet discrete search. Call us for a private consultation.

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