SAP Consultants

The success or failure of your SAP projects depends directly on the experience of the people who configure and implement it

The Challenge:

  • The market for experienced SAP professionals is extremely competitive. On any given day, there are literally thousands of SAP openings across the country.
  • Experienced SAP professionals first go through their networks to find their next assignment. They will try to avoid dealing with recruiters who don’t know anything about SAP, don’t understand their skills and don’t understand the job beyond some keywords. They will work with those recruiters only as a last resort.
  • Job Boards are the least reliable source of qualified SAP professionals

The Solution:

  • Over the last 15 years we have built a network of over 18,000 unique relationships with experienced SAP professionals, one at a time, so our clients can evaluate the best candidates for their openings rather than those who happen to be on job boards.
  • Due to our fee structure you can engage them for rates you didn’t think were possible
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